Shipping & Delivery – The Big Waiting Game ..

When you make your order you will got your tracking number by mail a few days later. You can also find it posted in your account if you log in. A tracking link will also be sent to you and you can use the link presented on our website:

So a lot of people is waiting for their delivery and get impatient. “Why is it taking so long?”, “Can you give me an update?” is just some of the questions we get. It does happen that people thanks us for their delivery but unfortunately most people don’t reply back when they receive their watch. We also want to know that all is good and how happy you are with your new watch you know?! Anyway this post is for all the impatient people. There is a pandemic going around and it delays air traffic a lot. Fewer plains but also just as much post, if not more. What are people going to do when they are staying at home more than usual in some self quarantine or keeping social distance? Watch movies, be with close family and shop on the net. And shopping they do. But it also means that post is being build up on terminals all over the world and China maybe more than anywhere. It could be the fact it’s country the virus originated. But there is also other reasons why you have to wait longer than usual for your package. It’s free shipping. And free shipping from China has never had much priority. And in these times even less.

Being “Handed over to the airline” is the first major thing that happens to your package after we ship it. It is also here where the big waiting game start while your package is waiting for some free space on an outgoing aircraft.

Even so free shipping from China do have a good success rate despite all the obstacles. This is why it still exists and are used by millions of shops around the globe. So patience is the magic word. You always had to have patience with free shipping from China as it could take anywhere between 15-45 days. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Very often it’s based on luck or not how fast you get it. And now patience is needed more than ever. The couriers tells us to expect shipping time to be between 25-60 days. It is not exact science. Now during the crisis we have shipping times less than 10 days from one continent to another. But we also had shipping times over 60 days. Most are at the latter end of the couriers estimated times: 30-60 days.

Finally your package gets “Dispatched”, which means its on a flight to it’s final destination. But that is not always true. Sometimes it will have to wait for another plane after landing, or even a third plane later on to get where it belongs. When a package has more than 1 flight the shipping time extend rapidly.

Another thing that many customers don’t consider, is how many flights will one package have? When it’s more than 1 flight or even more than 1 courier this will obviously add to the shipping time. The COVID-19 outbreak has really made it hard on everyone. In one way more people are shopping through internet but with so much less flights it clearly has its downsides with extended shipping times. We really hope this will go over soon so things can go back to normal. We truly do hate it when you as a customer has to wait for your package.

Yes finally “Delivered”, that magic word that means so much. You got your package and when you do we hope you are happy with your Pagani Design watch. Don’t hesitate to tell us or give us some review.

And do know that we answer all mails we get and if talking to us will help ease the waiting game, we are here to serve and make it better. It really is putting a toll on all of us and our customers. Maybe this post will help some too. Do not hesitate to take contact though. Also when you receive your package. We do not mind reviews either. Happy summer to everyone!


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